Peloton Cycle - Colleen Saidman Yee’s Beginner Yoga Plan


Whether you’re just getting started with yoga or want to get back to the basics you can use my beginner plan to start small and build from there. This plan includes 5-10 minute workouts in order to work on key yoga poses to set you up for success.

To start, dive into Week 1 first and either move on to Week 2 or repeat Week 1 depending on how ready you feel for the next set of workouts. I’d recommend repeating both weeks, in any order, to total a month. Remember that you’re able to find all of these workouts on your bike or the Peloton app.

Week 1

Day 1   5-minute yoga basics: cat/cow

Day 2   5-minute yoga basics: hip openers

Day 3   10-minute chair yoga

Day 4   5-minute yoga basics: lunges

Day 5   5-minute yoga basics: standing poses

Day 6   10-minute evening yoga

Day 7   5-minute meditation

Choice of repeating Week 1 or moving on.

Week 2

Day 1   5-minute yoga basics: twists

Day 2   5-minute yoga basics: sun salutes

Day 3   5-minute yoga basics: backbends

Day 4   5-minute yoga basics: core

Day 5   5-minute yoga basics: forward bends

Day 6   10-minute beginner yoga

Day 7   10-minute meditation

Yoga is a perfect balance to cycling. It can be your companion in good times and in difficult times! Take this plan day by day and let me know how it’s working for you by connecting with me here on Facebook.

Take these workouts on-the-go! Click here to learn more about the Peloton app.