Integrative Healthcare Symposium

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This is as close to an Academy Award that we will ever get! We are incredibly honored to be the recipient of the visionary award, presented to us today at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium. The award is for the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program that we created 10 years ago with Donna Karan. The UZIT trainings and demographics expand and evolve constantly.

Our motto is to put the care back in healthcare. Doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals are exhausted - suicide rates among these angels are off the charts. Thank you Dr. Woodson Merrill for presenting us with this award and for being the first hospital that opened your doors to us. We are proud of the award, but there are hundreds of you out there that should have a piece of it.

We couldn’t do what we do without your support, diligence, belief, care, and determination to support the healthcare industry. The pedal is to the metal. Integration is necessary! Thank you.

We are excited to be featured in the Integrative Practitioner Online - read the full article here:

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