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300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training with Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee

Yoga Shanti Tribeca, New York, NY

This Advanced Teacher Training comprises five independent 50-hour modules. The Yoga Shanti 300-hour advanced training builds upon and deepens the trainee’s understanding of the fundamental concepts of the practice and teaching of yoga that are taught at the 200-hour level. A 300-hour advanced training prepares you to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, detailed, and subtle. It also enables you to teach with greater skill than could be reasonably cultivated from a 200-hour teacher training.

The groups will be intimate, allowing for plenty of individual attention and mentorship. We will guide you in establishing a strong foundation for a lifelong study of yoga. Curriculum will include a deeper look into your daily home practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation; teaching skills including sequencing, seeing and understanding bodies, manual adjusting and assisting; anatomy, philosophy, and chanting.

Together, we’ll examine the principles of Shanti-style sequencing in a range of categories; explore an advanced syllabus of yoga asana and philosophy; and look more deeply at seeing and understanding bodies in order to practice a wider range of hands-on adjustments. Join us on a journey that will expand your mind, deepen your practice, free your breath, and inspire your teaching! A New Format: this new five-module structure offers two exciting opportunities:

  • Sign up for the entire course and receive your 300-hour certification.

  • Or, sign up on a module by module basis (a la carte) and study specifically what interests you most.

The five modules that comprise our 300-hour advanced training can be taken in any order, and/or as stand alone independent 50-hour courses for students with no intention of matriculating to the 300-hour advanced teacher training program. Click any module title below for more information.

MODULE YS301: Sequencing and Manual Adjustments/Seeing and Understanding Bodies

MODULE YS302: Refining Teaching, Safe Vinyasa Flow and Teaching of Specific Shanti-Style Classes

MODULE YS303: Pranayama, Bandhas, Philosophy and History

MODULE YS304: Therapeutics, Restorative and Anatomy

MODULE YS305: Vinyasa Flow, Arm Balances, Hip Openers and Inversions

Earlier Event: September 1
Later Event: November 29