April 11, 2018

          Yoga Shanti teachers and I—as well as many of you—have been wandering around ungrounded and in a daze since the doors of our beautiful Yoga Shanti New York closed. 

          I was talking to some friends about it the other day, and finally they asked me what was next. “I have no idea,” I said, “but it won’t be a yoga studio in New York City”—even though, as Jenny Hudak said as we were hugging and sobbing on closing day, “I’d do it all over again.”

          I don’t regret the adventure we were all on together for the last 5 years. We built a beautiful community, learned a lot, and have many sweet memories that’ll never be forgotten. But when I said I wouldn’t open another studio in New York City, I meant it—I needed to grieve this loss.

          But the morning after I said what I said about not opening another studio in New York City, I woke up to an email from Schuyler Grant—the amazing yoga teacher and founder of Kula Yoga—a woman I respect immensely. She said that she had sat bolt upright in the middle of the night the night before, with the realization that one of her floors should become a Yoga Shanti. What?! Rodney and I were flying to a family reunion that day, but I called her from the airport. The seed had been planted. 

          Rodney thought I had lost the last marble I had left when, a week later, I made him come with me to see the space. But as soon as we opened the door, he said, “This is f*cking perfect.”

          That was it: Yoga Shanti Tribeca is becoming a reality. It is one studio, and it holds 42 mats. We’ve employed the same design team as we did on 24th Street—headed by our son, Evan—and we’re just beginning the renovations to make it a familiar, updated, and humble version of the studio that we were all blessed to be part of for the last 5 years. 

          I’ll be the sole owner, it will be an extension of Yoga Shanti Sag Harbor, and, yes, your class cards will be honored at both studios. (I think I just heard a pleasant sigh and sensed sweet expressions coming across many of your faces.) Many of your favorite Yoga Shanti teachers will be guiding you back home to yourself through this art form of yoga. Joanna is at the helm as manager. We will have the opening schedule for you in the next couple of weeks.

          The vibe will be casual, fun, and approachable, with an emphasis on community. I read this sign in a coffee shop this morning, and it’s what I feel about Yoga Shanti Tribeca: “Because our days here are filled with so much love and laughter… this will always be a magical place.”

          Opening day will be in May—stay tuned for the exact date and for details of our opening party! The address is 28 Warren Street, on the third floor. Every subway in New York City literally has stops within a block of the studio. All paths lead us home. Get on the subway and help us initiate Yoga Shanti Tribeca.