Photo by Isaac James.

Photo by Isaac James.

          Colleen's yoga journey began reluctantly in 1984 at the urging of a roommate who took her to a class in New York City that left her feeling intimidated and yet remarkably good. Still, she continued other forms of exercise (including running, boxing, and basketball) until 1994, when she was forced to undergo back surgery. Since then, her commitment to her yoga practice has been unwavering. A graduate of Jivamukti’s 1998 teacher-training program, Colleen opened her own studio, Yoga Shanti, in Sag Harbor, in 1999. Yoga Shanti has since expanded to include locations in Manhattan and Westhampton Beach. She and her husband, Rodney Yee, teach yoga teacher trainings at Yoga Shanti, as well as all over the globe.

          The New York Times christened Colleen “The First Lady of Yoga,” in their profile of her on the front page of the Sunday Style section in 2013. As one of the most revered and recognizable faces in the world of yoga, Colleen has been featured in Vanity FairO: The Oprah MagazineNew York magazine, the Wall Street JournalAllureMarie-ClaireCosmopolitanHarper's Bazaar Italia, and has been on the cover of Yoga Journal four times. Before that she had a varied career: She has been an international fashion model since 1980. Colleen graduated from the Ohashi school of shiatsu in 1998.  She has also lived in Calcutta, working with Mother Theresa at the Home for the Dying and Destitute.

Together with Rodney, Colleen created and directs the Urban Zen’s Integrative Yoga Therapist Program, Donna Karan’s worldwide initiative—which has been transforming care in hospitals around the world since 2010. Colleen has also appeared in dozens of Gaiam yoga DVDs. Colleen is a contributor to Gaia Online Yoga, OneOeight.tv, and Peloton. She is the host of the online talk show and educational non-profit Talking Yoga.

In 2015, Colleen published Yoga For Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom (Simon & Schuster), which elegantly blends practical yoga instruction with inspiring autobiography. In collaboration with Yoga Journal, she has a 12-week online course based on her book called “Yoga for Inner Peace.” She currently lives in Sag Harbor, New York. Colleen has many teachers, but the most important are her four children.


          “Like Gandhi, Colleen is stayagraha—meaning possessed by the truth. She tells her story honestly, without pretense, no makeup—totally fearless while at the same time gracefully imbuing every word with infectious joy, gratitude and compassion. You will find no blaming or complaining in this memoir for this is the story of remarkable woman who approaches life as an adventure, armed with a bewitching ability to transform obstacles into opportunities and the ordinary into something magical. She is living proof that yoga is for life.”


          “Colleen touches my heart from the inside out. She inspires me as a woman, a mother, and a girlfriend, always coming from a place of love and kindness. Her teaching is that yoga is as simple as a breath. Reading her book is like having a woman to woman conversation with the Colleen I know and love — an honest, nurturing and encouraging friend who shares and cares with all her heart. It is a powerful wake up call to the spirit within, with real down-to-earth strategies to empower yourself through this beautiful journey called life.”



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